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Tami McLeod - March 2016

Tami McLeod will be teaching a two-day seminar from Saturday, March 12 to Sunday, March 13 at Fascination Ranch in Calimesa.  The seminar subject is "Drive Development for Competitive Dog Sports."  


A working spot in the seminar (15 max) is $240 for two days.  Auditing is available for $75 per day or $100 for the weekend.  


To register, contact Megan Pilarcik at or register online here.  A flyer advertising the event can be found by clicking here.


About Tami


Tami McLeod is a canine dog trainer in Tucson, Arizona, coach, and behavioral consultant. She brings over eighteen years of dog training experience to Tucson, Arizona. She is a past member on the United States world championship team to Europe, founding member of the American Working Malinois Association, held board positions in national organizations, featured on radio, interviewed by the Australia Working Dog magazine, and has trained side by side with some of the world's top trainers in the field of competitive dog sports.


Tami's dogs have been featured in print and music videos, and perform public demonstrations. She has provided professional dog training services to professional sports athletes, music industry personnel, rescue organizations, professional breeders, veterinarians, and the general public.


What sets Tami apart is her diversity in having successfully trained, handled, and/or titled a multitude of breeds; Malinois, Shepherds, Toy Breeds, Terriers, Border Collies, and Dobermans to name a few. Tami has over 100 working dog titles and trained 4 dogs to the IPO/SchH 3Level. She has competed in over 7 National Championship Working Dog Trials and was a World Team member representing the United States in Germany for the FCI IPO World Championship. Tami was also a Law Enforcement Officer for the Metro Nashville Police Dept. Skilled in the application of Operant Condition learning theory, she focuses on clear communication between dog and handler with an innovative training approach incorporating a reward based system. Her thoughtful proofing emphasizes maintaining a thinking dog while creating difficulty. Her motivational, balanced approach focuses on precision work to eliminate unwanted conflict.


You can learn more about Tami here.

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