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Monika Rylska will be coming to Lancaster, CA for seminars from January 27-30, 2017.  She will also be available for private lessons on January 31.   

Friday-Saturday, January 27-28 - Two-Day Masters/International Seminar (must book both days) - $350 for 2-day working spot

Sunday, January 29 - One-Day Young Dog Seminar - $175 for 1-day working spot

Monday, January 30 - One-Day Masters/International Seminar - $185 for 1-day working spot

**Young dogs may take the Monday, January 30 Masters/International seminar as well as the Young Dog seminar.  The price for both drops to $350 for two days.**

There are 8 working spots per day.  Auditing is available for $50/day.

This seminar is being hosted by Eden Heigel at Maureen Scheall's field in Lancaster, CA.  It is located one hour from the 405/118 split or one hour from the 215/15 split.  

For questions, or to register, contact Eden at

About Monika

Hailing from Poland, Monika Rylska started agility in 2004 with her Dalmatian, Blue.  As Monika says, "she taught me a lot of patience and empathy."  Monika now runs in the A3 class with two border collies - Tess and Chica.  Tess is 10 years old and was the Polish Top Agility Dog in 2011 and 2013, and Polish Agility Champion in 2013.  Chica is 4 years old.  In 2014, she took 8th place in the EO Individual Jumping, 3rd Place in AWC 2014 Individual Agility, and 1st Place in AWC 2015 Individual Agility.  Monika says, " I believe in a simple system of handling and some consistent rules that allow dogs to understand different situations on course.  Because agility is a team work, I try to make both handler and dog as efficient and trained as possible.


Monika Rylska- January 2017

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