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Jessica Ajoux will be coming to Fallbrook, CA from December 12-14, 2016.   

Monday, December 12 - OMD Techniques and Applications

Tuesday, December 13 - OMD Techniques and Applications

Wednesday, December 14 - Masters Coursework

The cost for a working spot is $200/day.  There are ten working spots per day.  Auditing is available for $75/day or $200 for all 10 days.

This seminar is being hosted by Ann Croft at Why Dogs Fly in Fallbrook, CA.  

For questions, or to register, contact Ann at

OMD Techniques and Applications

Jessica will introduce OMD Techniques in the mornings and help us learn to master and apply them through short sequences using jumps and tunnels in the afternoons. These are independent seminars, you may attend either or both days, the techniques and content presented will be different each day. These seminars will be open to both young dogs and your seasoned agility partners. It is perfect for those new to One Mind Techniques and for those already familiar with the system and want to learn more and/ or improve their execution and understanding. Jessica spends the same amount of time with each dog and handler team so she can help you with where you are in your training. This format was very popular last year, and everyone was very impressed and happy with Jessica's instruction whether they were working with a new agility prospect or a seasoned multi- champion.

Masters Coursework

This day is open to dogs competing at the Excellent/ Masters/ Premier level who are ready for the challenges of full coursework.  The course sequences may include contacts and weaves. Participation in either the Monday or Tuesday Seminars or prior experience with the OMD system is required for working spots.

About  Jessica

Jessica Ajoux has been involved in dog agility since 1999 and is currently an active competitor, instructor, and Agility judge.  She began teaching in 2005, and is familiar with a variety of breeds and has personally trained and competed with All-Americans, Border Collies, a Briard, Yorkie, Cocker Spaniels, and her newest dog a Chinese Shar-Pei. She believes that Agility is a sport for all dogs, though the methods and techniques can vary depending on the breed and personality types. Though her methodology always comes from a consistent training philosophy, how you communicate what you want with the dog depends on that dog’s “dialect.” Speaking “Border Collie” is quite different than speaking “Terrier”!


Jessica is a multi-time National finalist, most recently winning second place with Border Collie, Fame(US) at the 2015 NAC.  She and Fame(US) represented the US at the 2015 European Open, where they were Finalists, and will be representing the US at the 2016 European Open in July.  


For more about Jessica, visit her website here.

Jessica Ajoux - December 2016

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