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Liz Randall & Rachel (Pearson) Downs -

May 2016

Liz Randall & Rachel (Pearson) Downs will be teaching an all day "fancy moves" seminar on May 14 in Fallbrook.  


Do you feel frustrated with the way agility courses are changing? Are you in the dark about all the new "secret" handling moves that others know that you do not? Do you wonder if the evolution of handling is something you need to "keep up" with?


Top-level competitors Rachel Downs and Liz Randall are here to "decode" for you and give you tools in your toolbox that are practical and achievable. At the end of the day, regardless of the fancy name attached, all of these "new moves" are simply combinations of skills you most likely already know. We will help you work through 4-5 different handling techniques that will give you an advantage on course. That said, we are also supporters of good old-fashioned "bread and butter" handling where fancy footwork is not necessary. We will cover reading course maps and approaching walk throughs to successfully determine when and where these skills are appropriate, as well as where they are not!


Seminar will take place in Fallbrook on Saturday, May 14th from 8:30am to 4:30pm and is limited to 8 teams. BOTH Rachel and Liz will be co-teaching this seminar, so there will be LOTS of working and hands on time for each team. Cost is $125.


Please email for complete information.



About Rachel & Liz

Rachel (Pearson) Downs moved to San Diego from Texas just last year, so some of you may have yet to meet her. She has been teaching for years, and has been running in agility since she was six years old. She has run everything from mixed breeds, to Catahoulas, to Belgians to BCs. Last year at Cynosport (USDAA Nationals), she and her border collie Vixen won BOTH Grand Prix and Steeplechase finals at 18". That is a massive accomplishment! Rachel is a true Texan, fun and easy going. And her two youngest dogs have GREAT stopped contacts! I know you all will enjoy her.

Liz Randall is a CPDT-KA professional dog trainer who specializes in advanced behavior and motivational concepts applied to sporting dog teams. She is an expert at identifying each team's specific challenges and solutions. She has been competing in agility for seven years and is known in Southern California for her assertive handling style and her happy, confident and driven agility dogs. She is very adept at breaking down behaviors--both for the handler and the dog. She loves teaching and problem-solving weaves using channels and 2x2s, without the need of any props or training aids to fade.

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