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Dawn Weaver - March 2016

Dawn Weaver will be teaching half-day seminars on Saturday, March 12, and Sunday, March 13, at Happy Dog Agility in Moorpark.  


The seminar subjects are as follows:


Saturday, March 12, 9AM-12noon  - Master Handling Seminar.  This seminar will be working on skills and drills.  Dogs must be competing at the Excellent/Masters level or have prior approval from Dawn.

Saturday, March 12, 1-4PM - Discrimination - Open to all levels.


Sunday, March 13, 9AM-12noon - Discrimination - Open to all levels.


Sunday, March 13, 1-4pm - Advanced/Novice Seminar - Will be working on skills and drills.  


The seminars are $75 per session.  Auditing is also available for $25 per session. 


The sessions will be held at Happy Dog Agility, located at 8715 Los Angeles Avenue in Moorpark, CA.


To register, contact Teri Thompson at


About Dawn

Dawn Weaver began her career as a veterinary nurse, moved onto dog training and dog grooming, and now teaches agility full-time.  She takes seminars both nationally and internationally, having taught extensively in the USA, Spain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden to name but a few.  She has also written an agility training manual entitled Knowledge Equals Speed which has been printed both in the UK and the USA.


Dawn handles differently to most in that she believes that handlers should be using the dog's handling system rather than a set system designed by a person for the dog to learn.  Surely using their preferred natural way of being directed is better than enforcing an unnatural system upon them. So if Dawn's dog goes the 'wrong' way then she learns from it and asks herself how she just directed her dog in that direction rather than just blaming the dog for a 'mistake'.


She believes that a dog gives you unconditional love which never varies no matter how many handling mistakes you have just made in the ring! This should be a two-way street and if her dog makes a mistake in the ring, or in training, her love is equally unconditional and her treatment of him does not change.


You can learn more about Dawn here.

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