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Stacy Bols - July 2016

Agility coach, NAC finalist, and IFCS team member Stacy Bols will be coming to The Field July 9-10 for handling and games seminars.  The snooker and gamblers strategy sessions will help get you ready for Cynosport in Scottsdale!  Subjects are below (dates for each session to follow)


Running the Right Lines

This handling seminar will focus on running the right lines for both you and your dog!  The vision of the course as a whole is sometimes overlooked as handlers move from obstacle to obstacle.  See the big picture, and how to figure the best path for you AND for your dog.  Individual attention will be given to each working team to match their lines with their skill set.  Coursework will include Premier and Masters Challenge level elements.



Strategies for Gamblers

Getting placements in Gamblers classes takes good planning in your opening as well as understanding what plan will get you into the best place for the distance element. Does your dog do better doing back to back obstacles or creating a circle path?  Are there any obstacles to avoid unless they are high points?  What is the best entrance into the Gamble for your dog?  It is also important to know how to use motion on the handler side of the line to help your dog navigate the distance section.  Which cues do you need to train in order to get more of the Joker part of the Gamble. Being able to rack up lots of opening points and then successfully navigate the Joker section makes Gamblers a really fun game! 


Strategies for Snooker

Does playing Snooker in USDAA scare you?  Do you know how to find the best plan for you and your dog? Can you weigh the risk of going for high value versus making it through the close?  Do you know what to do if they knock a bar?  This half day seminar will teach you how to strategize and execute the best Snooker run possible.  You'll also learn tools to help you "adapt" your plan when things go wrong - because they often do!   Learn to love one of my favorite games offered in USDAA and UKI.


Class times and prices will be announced shortly!  If you are interested in pre-registering, e-mail Kate Bernstein at



About Stacy

Stacy Bols opened Proof Positive Dog Training in 2007.  She has 18 years of dog training experience and more than 10 years of agility training experience.  Stacy has competed successfully with both large and small dogs in various venues over the course of her competitive career.


Her Novice A dog, Kramer, a miniature schnauzer, did not start agility training until the age of 8. He still managed to finish his MACH and ADCh prior to retiring. In the process, Kramer and Stacy was also USDAA National Grand Prix semi-finalist in 2004, 2005 and 2006.


Stacy's current small dog, Krusher, a miniature schnauzer, is a dual venue champion being the first miniature schnauzer in USDAA to achieve ADCH-Gold and LAA-Gold titles and has also completed his MACH6.  Stacy and Krusher were part of the 2014 IFCS World Team representing the US in the Netherlands, 2011 AKC Agility Nationals 12" finalists, the #6 Schnauzer in 2010 AKC TopDogs rankings, and participated in the 2011 AKC Invitational where they were finalists.  Krusher also attended the 2011 AKC World Team Tryouts and placed 4th in Performance Grand Prix at the 2012 Cynosport World Games.


Kassie, Stacy's Rescue Border Collie, was a 2011 & 2013 AKC Agility National 20" Finalist, 2016 NAC P16" Challengers Round competitor, and 2010 & 2012 Cynosport Steeplechase semi-finalist.  Kassie is also a dual venue champion, having earned MACH2 and PACH titles in AKC and ADCH Bronze, LAA-Bronze, and PDCH in USDAA.


Kermit is Stacy's newest agility dog.  She is a year old and imported from Russia.  Stacy is exctied to start competing with her this summer.


For more information about Stacy, click here.

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