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Ann Croft - May 2016

Ann Croft will be teaching 1/2 day agility clinics on Saturday, May 21 in Fallbrook.


Topics may include Weave Skills and Drills, Contact Skills and Drills, Jump Skills and Drills, and specialty handling clinics.  Clinics are open to 6 handler/dog teams.  


Upcoming Clinics:

May 21 - TBD


The Agility Handling Clinics are great for handlers with young dogs who have smoe sequencing on jumps and tunnels, and are ready for learning and fine tuning of handling skills.  The clinic format is also perfect for the more advanced team who would like to tighten those turns, get to that handling position, improve teamwork, and expand handling options.  Front crosses, rear crosses, blind crosses, reverse spins, reverse wraps, tandem turns, v-sets, and more - not only what to do where, but how!  The clinics emphasize teamwork, connection, and execution.  Content and coursework varies each clinic, so repeaters are welcome and encouraged.


Working spots are $80 per team, and auditing is available for $35.  


To register, contact Ann at


About Ann


Ann lives in San Diego, California with her Border Collies Trigger, Flurry, Kit, Stun, Thrive, and Doce. Ann has been competing in and teaching agility for over 20 years, and has been a USDAA and AKC agility judge for almost as long. She is also now a UKI judge. She has trained and handled two Border Collies and a Boston Terrier to ADCH MACH2 titles and is a multiple-time national finalist in both AKC and USDAA with both breeds. Her BC Trigger is a DAM National Champion and AKC Reserve National Champion. Ann has traveled throughout the US, Europe, and Australia competing, judging, and teaching. She teaches in San Diego and offers online courses in jump skills, weave skills, and handling. She is available for seminars and online video review private lessons and coaching.


For more about Ann, click here or e-mail her at





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