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Melanie Miller - August 2016

Melanie Miller will be coming to the Marin Humane Society in Novato, CA from August 20-23.  There will be half-day and full-day seminars offered, on connection, handling, and foundations.

Saturday, August 20 - Learning the Ropes (Novice Handling) - Full day

Sunday, August 21 - Be Connected and On Time! - Full Day

Monday, August 22 - Fabulous Foundations - Half Day (AM)

Monday, August 22 - The Missing Link - Half Day (PM)

Tuesday, August 23 - Masters Handling - Full Day

The cost for a working spot is $100 for half-day, and $185 for full day workshops.  Auditing is available at $30 for half-day sessions, and $50 for full day sessions.  To register, visit the Marin Humane Society webpage here.  For questions, contact Kristin Herrera at  

Descriptions of each seminar are provided below:

Learning the Ropes

Learn about balancing obstacle commitment and timely handling cues on novice level sequences. This session will include only jump/tunnel sequence, so is appropriate for dogs of any age with a basic understanding of sequencing obstacles.

Be Connected and On Time!

Connection and timing are the keys to success in agility! Learn how to connect with your dog on course as well as learn your dog’s timing needs to build speed & motivation or to control the lines of a fast dog. This clinic is open to all levels of dogs (15 months and older) that can do jump and tunnel sequences with focus. 

Fabulous Foundations

Learn all the puzzle pieces to building a successful agility the start! This day will introduce many fun games you can play with your future agility star both without equipment and with the use of a few items such as tunnel and wings. 

The Missing Link

Do you have trouble motivating your dog at trials? Do trial environments send your canine partner over the top? Find out which pieces of the trial process are standing in the way of reaching your full potential as a team! 

Masters Handling

Masters+ courses designed to push dogs and handlers out of their comfort zones, identify the best handling strategies for each team, plus a list of homework items. 

About  Melanie


Melanie has been involved in dog agility since 1998, and has studied intensively with Wendy Pape, Silvia Trkman, Stuart Mah, and a host of other seminar presenters. She is always working to take her own understanding to the next level, most recently learning the OneMind Dogs methodology.

Melanie has a unique approach to her instruction, melding several key concepts:

  • High motivation for all dogs to maximize drive and potential

  • High reinforcement for all handlers to keep the game fun

  • Focus on delivering information as early as possible to the dog through timely handling and skill proficiency

  • A holistic view of all the components required, including a solid mental game, fitness of handler and dog, and keeping all elements in balance

Melanie's career accomplishments include being a 3x European Open Team Member (2009, 2011, 2016), and a World Agility Open (2014) and IFCS (2016) team member.  Along with her dogs, she has been a National Finalist 11 times, and has earned 20 championship titles.  

For more about Melanie, visit her website here

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