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Jen Pinder will be coming to Placer Dog Training in Granite Bay, CA from January 10-15, 2017.  Three two-day seminars will be offered:


January 10-11 - OMD Techniques/Applications (FULL)

January 12-13 - Intermediate Short Sequences (FULL)

January 14-15 - Masters/International Short Sequences

Working spots are $380 for two days; unlimited auditing is available for $90 per day.  Descriptions of the seminar are provided below.

For questions and to register, contact Kathie Leggett at

OMD Techniques/Applications

Agility is much like the game of connect the dots. We spend so much more time creating the lines for the dog than the dog spends performing the obstacles. The goal of the One Mind Dogs (OMD) methodology is to teach the handlers to think about the lines, not the obstacles. The benefit of attending a Techniques Seminar is that you will learn how to create the lines for your dog. You will learn the function of each handling technique and where to use them. In addition, you will learn the common errors we see when executing each technique. This seminar will also use short sequences highlighting one or two techniques in each sequence to give you the chance to apply your newly learned techniques. 

Intermediate Short Sequences

This seminar is for handlers already familiar with the techniques, but want a deeper understanding of the techniques and their application in short course sequences (10-14 obstacles).

Masters/International Short Sequences

This seminar is for handlers that are very familiar with OMD techniques and application of techniques.

About Jen Pinder

Jen Pinder has been actively competitive in agility for 18 years. Running large and small dogs, Jen has a unique perspective as to how to get the best of any dog she runs. Over the years, Jen has had many accomplishments. She has been on the AKC World Team three times and has attended the European Open as well. In addition, Jen has been on the WAO team with her border staffy, Taser and the IFCS Team and WAO Team with her sheltie, Britain. At the 2015 WAO in the Netherlands, Jen and Britain were silver medalists in the Biathalon (a combined Jumping and Standard event). On this continent, Jen has won several USDAA Steeplechase, Grand Prix, and Team Championships.



Jen Pinder - January 2017

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