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Desiree Snelleman will be returning to the North San Diego County area February 17-20, 2017.  


Friday, February 17 - Young Dog/Novice

Saturday, February 18 - Open/Excellent

Sunday, February 19 - Excellent/Masters

Monday, February 20 - Masters/International

Friday's Young Dog/Novice seminar will have just jumps and tunnels in sequences; other days may include contacts in coursework.  The Young Dog/Novice seminar is open to teams at all levels of training; other seminar days are open to teams competing at the respective levels or higher or by permission.

Working spots are $200/day.  There are 10 working spots available.  Auditing is $75/day or $200/three days.

To register, e-mail Ann Croft at


About Desiree


Desiree used to live here in Southern California, where she started in dog agility in 2004 with her Siberian Husky, T'ai, and then her Border Collie, Stinger.  Desiree moved to the Pacific Northwest, where she now teaches agility full time and travels throughout the world teaching and competing.

Desiree  has competed at the top of the sport with both her Siberian Husky and her border collies. Both T'ai and Stinger competed successfully at AKC Invitationals and Nationals multiple years. Desiree and her border collie Pace have achieved an amazing level of success, winning AKC Nationals twice, USDAA Steeplechase Nationals three times, reached the podium three times at IFCS World Championships and twice at FCI World Championships! They have also competed at Crufts and the European Open. Desiree clearly knows how to succeed in the ring and under pressure and with a variety of dogs.


For more about Desiree, visit her website here.

Desiree Snelleman - February 2017

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