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John Nys - November 2016

John Nys will be coming to The Field (Northridge) from November 5-6, 2016.  His seminars will be focusing on Collection.  When you are running for the win, collection can be the difference.  There will be two full days with John:

Saturday, November 5 - Novice (non-competing dogs welcome)

Sunday, November 6 - Masters 

The cost for a working spot is $170/day.  There are nine working spots per day.  Auditing is available for $40/day.

For questions, or to register, contact Kate Bernstein at

About  John

John has been competing on the local, National, and International dog agility stage for over 15 years.  During htis time, he has become one of the most respected competitors and instructors in agility.  He is well known for his positive motivation and mental management with his students and his canine companions.  Size doesn't matter when competing in dog agility, as John has competed successfully with multiple canine partners in the small, medium, and large dog divisions resulting in John realizing his dreas and achievements at all height levels.

John is an 8-time International World Team member.  He has represented the US six times for AKC at the FCI Agility World Championships and European Open Championships.  He has also competed at the World Agility Open Championship.  In 2010, John and sheltie Rush took home the Silver Medal in Team Agility and the Gold Medal in Team Overall Combined events.  He has been a consistent finalist at the AKC National Agility Championships and USDAA Cynosport Grand Prix and Steeplechase events, making several trips to the podium, and winnning the Grand Prix event in 2010.  

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